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Transition Your Horse Biz From Struggling To Sound, Sane, and Sustainable. 

Ready for a change but don't know where to start?

Start Here

Get no-BS, real-world horse industry professional insight at no cost.

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Can you feel that your horse business is ready for a transition?

You are ready to let go of doing things the hard way, feeling lost without a vision for growth, and suffering from resentments or burn-out.

You want to answers on how to rebalance your business.

This transition means daily satisfaction working with your ideal clients while earning freedom-giving profits.


Transition Coaching

Just like in the tack,
transitions are pivotal moments of preparation that allow for more ease, presence, and impact your expression your heart's calling your equine service business.

Get clear on your priorities, free up the time, energy, and creativity the you need with 1-1 coaching with Catherine.


Gathering testimonials can be frustrating when clients either procrastinate endlessly or hand you a generic blurb.
With a 5-min call, Catherine will work her magic and capture the most compelling content written for your clients using their own words. 
Bonus: These insights make for fantastic marketing copy!

Website Design

Whether you offer products, in-person services, or you want to do more business online,
Catherine provides solutions for your:
  • impactful messaging
  • content organization 
  • an intuitive user experience.

Blueprint Development

You know you have something special to offer the horse industry but it's hard to put into words.

Developing your Blueprint
with Catherine is a thought-provoking experience that reveals:

1. Marketing copy that speaks to what drives your ideal clients to choose you


2. How you can best solve their problems with your:
  • ​subscriber freebie
  • service ladder
  • signature program
  • online course or curriculum
  • article, book, or workbook
  • ​product line, and more.
Testimonial Assistance

Since 2008, we've helped 100s
of Growing Equine Businesses


Working with Red Mare Enterprises has changed my life.

Laser focused on my priorities, Catherine Respess helped me organize my business structure and develop my services so that I could experience growth without an increased travel schedule.


She started and grew my mailing list, guided me to find a presence on social media that I’m comfortable with, and allowed me to free up time for my educational development with my horses.


JK Inspired is up to date with the latest technologies and online platforms that make running my business easier.

Catherine is focused on my success in a way that makes me feel important and well-attended to.

Jillian Kreinbring.png
Jillian Kreinbring - JKInspired 
Catherine is awesome to work with.  She designed the best logo I could have ever imagined and I get tons of compliments on my website. 

They are easy to work with and helped tackle aspects of it that had me super frustrated!

Debbie Bayly

On behalf of the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths, I've been wanting to thank you and your team for the amazing job Red Mare Enterprises did on our 2021 Virtual Conference.
Wow. We really were all just over-the-top pleased!  


We would like to reach out for another opportunity to work with you on our next conference in Canada 2022. 

Jenifer Fasano, EDO
Secretary WAEO

Red Mare Enterprises has been absolutely wonderful to work with!!!


I am so incredibly grateful for all their help building a new website for me, and continuing to help me with my book, my online presence and programs.


I often try to do things myself, but trusting the team to help me with these things was truly the best decision I ever made.


Catherine's creativity, support, and professionalism are absolutely excellent. She is amazingly talented, and cares so much for her clients.


She is the best of the best, I highly recommend her!

Ariana Sarkaris
Ariana Sakaris Equestrian Development

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