Red Mare

Enterprises, LLC


  Red Mare Enterprises, LLC was founded by Catherine Respess in 2008. As reputed, red mares are often strong-willed and challenging to train. The patience and creativity required to train such an animal permeates Catherine's approach to all projects.


Catherine began riding horses at the age of 3 - her lifelong commitment to horses and disciplined training significantly shapes her character as well as her approach to business.

Catherine relishes  in the  influence of her parents.  With a scientist mother, attorney father, and minister step-father; Catherine instinctively learned to think critically, creatively, and ethically from the start.  She approaches all projects with vigorous enthusiasm and all clients with respect. 

As for the horses, there was no question that Catherine would maintain her professional status.  The time she spent in a business suit only served to firm Catherine's grasp of higher standards of service, with the purpose of elevating professionalism in the equestrian market.  These qualities paired with Catherine's ability to clearly communicate with horses as well as clients and students sets her apart. 

Interview with Catherine Respess

Equestrian Experience

Classical dressage to 4th level,

Trained with Laura Klecker, Jessica Jo Tate, Charles de Kunffy, Bent Jensen, Tina Konyot, Betsy Steiner, Heather Blitz, Mary Wanless, Stephanie Mosely, and more...

Captain of Emory University’s Equestrian team,

To this date, Catherine remains the only team member to qualify for Intercollegiate Nationals (2004), where she ranked 10th of 6200

Manager for Coldstream Imports, 

Equestrian trainer for sport horse competition

Developed and implemented marketing scheme

Facilitated the design and maintenance of company website

Managed employees and supervised care of horses and farms

Liaison for employees, new clients, and associates

Riding Lessons

Started managing as a working student in 1996

Barefoot Trimmer, 2017 - Present
Bodywork, 2015 - Present
Instructor, 1997- Present​
Polo player, 2007 - 2009
Fox hunter, 2009 - 2014​

Design Education

Emory University, B.A.​

Architectural History

Studio Art

Harvard Design School

Discovery Program: Architecture

Augusta Technical College

Photoshop | Illustrator

Web Design