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Hi my friend, 

Wow, how’ve already figured out that just working longer hours doesn’t get you where you want to be.


You can see the writing on the wall. More 1:1 clients just won’t cut it.

The BEST move you can make in your equine business is to transfer your skills to teaching larger groups with possibly in-person clinics and online courses.

You’re a creative person, and super passionate about horses, so yes, I bet you have a TON of ideas swirling around in your mind. That’s a good thing, it really is…but it might not always feel that way. 

I am like you. Always full of ideas and new concepts…

That makes it hard to nail things down and get started with a plan.

And if you’re like most equine professionals, you know deep down that you could help a lot of different horse/rider combinations.

The problem…Now you have too many ideas AND feel an inner resistance to niche down?!
Did I get it right?

Ok, I’m not quite done yet. Yup, with a huge variety of web tools out there to choose from, you got yourself a 3rd thing to worry about.

But there is a solution to all this. US!

I know that may sound self-congratulatory, BUT because we talk to many devoted horse pros like you every day, we know exactly how confusing and yes, scary it can be to dive into niching, messaging and curriculum-building.

Understandably a lot of equine pros (actually all entrepreneurs) feel the fear of failing and losing it all…and, at times, also feel the fear of success.


Daring to succeed can lead you to this really scary moment where you have to take a stand, step out of the comfort of the barn, and declare yourself an expert.

Let’s be real…the online world is riddled with armchair trainers and trolls whose commentary can leave you feeling befuddled. 


If you want to clear your head, here are the 3 best questions to ask yourself:


1. What is your brand saying about you?

Who are you? Why are you here? What sort of future (for horses and yourself) do you want to create? Get to the heart of your business. Then speak in alignment with your vision.

2. Who is the perfect client that you wish to attract?  

We’re more likely to purchase from folks who reflect our core values and beliefs, so who is it you’d love to teach?

Detach yourself from those you’re currently teaching. Pick a dream group of students!

3. What does that client want to buy?

Start with a Pilot Program. This one should be repeated several times. What we see a lot is that before they contact us, our clients make the mistake of creating elaborate online courses that take months to film, edit and curate ONLY to find out that is there NO market for them.


Test first…profit later!

But let’s half-halt and allow me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Catherine Respess, the founder of Red Mare. We make growing a profitable equine business (especially when they include online courses) a heck-of-a-lot easier. 


At Red Mare, we know you want to expand your overwhelmingly busy equine service business into leveraging your time and expertise with online training!

In order to do that, you need to know who you want to serve, with what and how. Plus you need to know which online platforms are the best ones for you, so that you don’t waste countless hours and money on the wrong ones. 


The problem is that most horse professionals don’t know how to free themselves from working like an employee IN their business, which gives them very little time to devote to their online course dream.


We believe that it is possible to work strategically ON the business with the right plan, which gives you the time and focus to figure out how to create unique, irresistible online courses and memberships.

We take care of the tasks that stop you in your boots, so you can end the cycle of  procrastination while hiding out in the barn. Instead, you’ll radiate with pride over the freedom you created by turning your equine service business into a freedom-based enterprise.


Not sure where to start? 

Book a 30-minute consultation with us! 

Think we might make a perfect team?

Book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to help you decide if we’re the right folks to help you find your niche, create an amazing online course curriculum and set it up for success on the perfect affordable online platform.

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