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Now Here's Your Free Horse Business Makeover Guide To
Train or Retrain Your Business to be 
In Just 9 Simple Steps!

Take the reins of your business & stop waiting on checks, giving away your time to pushy clients, working endless hours of unpaid time,
& pinching every penny 
until it screams! 😱 😅

 Watch This This Training Video Now

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 4.22.31 PM.png

“This course is run by a dynamic team of red mares, who are fantastic with clarity and consistency, niching and owning it. 


They are helping to fill the many holes in my system.

My understanding is skyrocketing. Thank you Team Red Mare!


Lynley Bolt -New Zealand

Are you the type of person that needs more details?
No worries, we've got you... just keep scrolling!

Look, here's the deal...
We know
, that you know there's a better way to work in the horse world.

Everywhere you look, you can see examples of broke, broken, and burned-out horse pros and it's equal parts terrifying and heartbreaking.

Nobody setting out to work with horses plans to end up that way.
They, like you, started working with horses because it WAS their passion.

Now it's their prison.

But here's the key point... they didn't plan!

Every business needs thought and planning, just like every horse needs basic care and training.

You've got the horse side of things covered.
You know your trade inside and out, be it training, coaching, bodywork,
or saddle fitting...
(or whatever other services you offer.  We ♥️ you, farriers!!! )
You love helping horses & their humans.

You have spent countless hours of your life soaking up every ounce of information that makes you amazing at what you do in the horse world.

But now you realize that being great with horses isn't enough.

You actually have to run a business.

There, we've ripped that bandaid off and said it!

A horse is a horse...and a horse pro is a horse pro. 
You're not a business or marketing pro. 
And therein lies the problem.

Vet Bills, and Clients, and Hay Prices... OH MY!

Do you ever feel like you're just scooping money into the feed buckets and getting nothing but horse manure in return?

It doesn't have to be like that!

No seriously, you can have the same feeling you have when you just filled your hay storage to capacity for the season... about your business!!

Horse Eating.png

This Is What You Need To Succeed...

  • Time to work ON your business instead of in your business

  • The ability to tell your ideal client EXACTLY how you help them with the needs, goals, and problems they identify as a priority for themselves and their horse(s)

  • A set of services that can help the largest number of horses and horse owners, without requiring endless one-on-one attention from you, while protecting and increasing your cash flow

  • Systems that make attracting and managing clients simple and stress-free

  • Clearly defined policies, procedures, and contracts that reduce miscommunication, pushy clients, and billing friction for you so that you can focus on what you do best

  • A website that helps you stand out from the competition AND that does the heavy lifting of attracting new clients, selling your services, and booking existing clients so that you don't have to

  • A growing list of potential ideal clients that KNOW that you have the answers to their problems and that WANT your services and products when you're ready to sell or schedule

  • Programs that make it effortless to help many clients at once, while making you more money per hour, set to bill automatically so that you don't have to worry about chasing checks

  • Marketing materials that are authentic, ethical, and that don't make you feel icky about selling your services

Image by Avi Theret

Each step in our 9-part system is a key component to setting your horse biz up to be sound, sane, and viable for the long haul...​​

Break Free CTA

Here's Everything You're Getting When You Sign Up Today... 

Break Free Product Mockup (1200 × 1800 p


 ✔️ Own Your Time  - ($97.00 Value)

 ✔️ Own Your Expertise - ($197.00 Value)

 ✔️ Own Your Income   - ($297.00 Value)

 ✔️ Automation Baby - ($197.00 Value)

 ✔️ A Website Does What?!? - ($497.00 Value)

 ✔️ Emails = Money - ($497.00 Value)

 ✔️ Proven Program  - ($97.00 Value)

 ✔️ More Money, Less Time - ($297.00 Value)

 ✔️ Easy, Not Sleazy - ($497.00 Value)

 Exclusive Equine Pro Community - (priceless)


Total Value: $2,673.00

Get It All Right Now

 JUST $297! 

Get Break Free From the Broken Horse Industry Model For Just $297!

  *Access to the complete course, student worksheets, provided immediately when you register today…
You'll get access to our amazing community of forward-thinking horse pros

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