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A Weekly Mastermind Coaching Group 

You are here for a reason.

You see other people bring their dreams to life, but it seems just out of reach for you.

The dream income, the dream client, the dream horse, the dream team - why does it  all feel HARD to find! 
We want you to have a life that feels comfortable and easy!
We want you to focus on creating your mastery.

YOU BELONG in a group of horse industry professionals who put their minds together to solve problems. YOUR problems!


The professionals in our network are powerful equestrians, MANY ARE MASTERS IN THE MAKING, but as consultants, our inside knowledge shows us that you share the same struggles no matter what your level of success.


Mastery in the Making is a safe and confidential space where you can learn from others in the industry and get answers that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


You can evolve and GO BEYOND the thinking that got you this far.

Integrate the knowledge within & around you.

As you progress professionally, it’s natural to seek out guidance from those who are on your same frequency. However, your path is personal and you have to take full responsibility for who you are being. Nobody can do that for you. 


You are here to GO BEYOND the thinking that got you this far. You are here to discover a life of harmony and balance. You are here to create your MASTERY.


When we put our minds together we can more effectively bypass resistance, answer questions, solve problems, get aligned with what purpose and plan are right for you. Together we create an experience of flow, fulfillment, and freedom AND make a greater impact on our industry. 

Your commitment to join Mastery In The Making is:

A "YES" vote for your personal sovereignty
An act of embracing your superpower
An initiation of your ascension

We'll cover topics like:

  • How to grow when your resources feel limited
  • Moving beyond feeling burned out
  • Finding a healthy balance between work, life, and success
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Creating a team culture that inspires and excites you


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