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We all understand the value of having our horse checked out when something feels off, but when it comes to business...

horse industry professionals tend to get by limping along.


HIP U is designed to empower, elevate and educate pros in all sectors of the industry from trainers to farriers, barn owners to veterinarians, bodyworkers to show managers, and everyone in between! 

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Go Beyond Getting By

Our mission is to prepare new entrepreneurs and
repair seasoned professionals by giving them exactly what they need
to THRIVE in this industry.

We want to make it easy

for horse industry professionals to


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From Our Founder:

“Since 2008, the consulting I’ve provided my clients & friends in the horse industry has been limited to one-on-one interactions.


With HIP U, I can now share ALL of my insights gained from working as a rider, trainer, instructor, bodyworker, 

trimmer, graphic designer, business manager, AND coaching hundreds of professionals. 


We are all fully committed to seeing our industry thrive!”

- Catherine Respess

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