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Consulting Services for Entrepreneurs on the Path of Mastery

Assess, Regenerate, Amplify

“Those who overcome great challenges will be changed, and often in unexpected ways.


For our struggles enter our lives as unwelcome guests, but they bring valuable gifts. And once the pain subsides, the gifts remain.


These gifts are life's true treasures, bought at great price, but cannot be acquired in any other way.”

~ Steve Goodier

Hi!  I'm Catherine Respess

Catherine Respess 2022-11.jpg

Holding a torch, I light the way for Entrepreneurs

  • bypass burnout on the path of mastery

  • drop the shackles of selling your time 1-1 to revel in the freedom of profiting from your ideas

  • design a business that supports your personal evolution

  • create elegant solutions to package and sell specific wisdom

  • remove friction from your customer’s journey

  • establish and nurturing a wait list of ideal customers

  • get inspired to create valuable content 

  • reframe and leverage obstacles into opportunities


I KNOW the steps you are taking.

I know what it is like struggle with boundaries, authentic commitment, honoring my energy levels, embracing my gifts, and giving myself permission to follow my joy and prioritize myself so everyone around wins too.

I provide insight and guidance for you to not only summon the power to sustain your work but reach heights that previously felt impossible. 

Concrete Wall

Website Design

Whether you offer products, in-person services, or you want to do more business online,

Catherine provides 

solutions for your:

  • impactful messaging

  • content organization 

  • an intuitive user experience.

Words of Wisdom
You know you have something special to offer but it's hard to put into words.


Developing your Words of Wisdom is about inspiring and amplifying your essence, mission, and message.

Your ideas will become compelling language that can become paid content or we can utilize it in your marketing:

  • Website copy

  • Email sequences

  • Scripts

  • Posts

  • Graphics

  • Blogs

Ways to Get Started

Transition Coaching


You can feel that you are ready for a transition.

You are ready to let go of doing things the hard way, feeling lost without a vision for growth, and suffering from resentments or burn-out .

You want answers on how to rebalance your business and you want daily satisfaction working with your ideal clients while earning freedom-giving profits.

Together we will assess and plan regenerative actions required to create harmony in your business ecosystem.

Topics we may cover include

  • your business brand

  • customer journey

  • income model/ offer suite

  • visibility coaching

  • turning obstacles into opportunities, and more.

Testimonial Assistance
Descriptive and interesting testimonials make a HUGE difference in the marketing of your business.

Gathering testimonials can be frustrating when clients either procrastinate endlessly or hand you a generic blurb.


When you request testimonial assistance, Catherine will work her magic and capture the most compelling content written for your clients using their own words. 

Your next great testimonial can be written and approved with ONLY 5-minutes of your client's time.

Bonus: These insights make for fantastic marketing copy!

Since 2008, Red Mare has helped 100s of Growing  Businesses

Website Development


"When I found Catherine's website I was two months into my young business and about 5 months into begging my current web designer for something. Anything!


I had had enough and decided to contact Red Mare for a redesign and take over my business's promotion. From the very start I was impressed with how Catherine handled my ideas and business goals. She asked questions I never thought would matter to web design but afterward made so much sense.


Her ideas and time were beyond valuable and I truly appreciated her professionalism. After being pampered by Red Mare I don't think I could recommend anyone else, ever, and I will return when its time and send all of my colleagues her way! Thank you for throwing me a lifeline, Catherine!"

Samantha C.

Business Coaching


I knew about Red Mare through my membership with Team Tate. I’d also attended and event hosted by the Red Mare team that was incredible.


I knew right away that I needed to connect with the team and explore the ideas that had been rolling around in my mind to see if they were viable business strategies. 


In November I signed up for the Mastery in The Making group coaching sessions. 


When I tell you I was blown away by my experience, I am not overstating. 


First, Catherine is a phenom. She had a vision to create a place where pros could leverage each other’s perspective and experience to use as a springboard to make crucial changes to their lives. 


Then, the folks who were also participating!!! I found a tribe and I am so very grateful to have a place where I feel seen and heard and supported. 


Oh, yeah, and I launched a new business that incorporates my core values, helps others, and is the most fun I’ve had in my work, EVER. 


Red Mare is an organization that really partners with the equestrian professional. I highly recommend working with Catherine and her team. 

Helen I.

Course Creation with Words of Wisdom


Catherine of Red Mare cares about YOU as an individual. She listened to my story attentively and provided custom-tailored feedback about my horse training business. She gets right to the heart of your struggles, hopes, and dreams in her phone calls, providing tips and tricks you actually can implement to improve your business and gain traction, even if you’re totally broke. 


During the phone call, I wasn’t sure if Catherine’s advice would actually work.  However, when the likes, email subscribers, and new social media followers started skyrocketing in the following weeks after we spoke, I can’t describe the relief I felt.  It felt like finding land after being lost at sea.  I didn’t realize how scared I’d been of failing at my business and literally ruining my career and my life until I started to feel hope again.


Fourteen days after our phone call, my website traffic has increased by (maybe you should sit down for this) 1351%, and my email mailing list has increased by 950%.  Wow.


I did a couple phone calls after we talked, including with a Tony Robbins coach. Red Mare programs beat his out in my book!

Sarah S.

Business Restructure and Management


Working with Red Mare has changed my life.


Laser focused on my priorities, Catherine Respess helped me organize my business structure and develop my services so that I could experience growth without an increased travel schedule.


She started and grew my mailing list, guided me to find a presence on social media that I’m comfortable with, and allowed me to free up time for my educational development with my horses.


With Red Mare, JK Inspired is up to date with the latest technologies and online platforms. Catherine is focused on my success in a way that makes me feel important and well-attended too.

Jillian K.

Program Launch Development and Management

Catherine has been absolutely wonderful to work with!!!


I am so incredibly grateful for all her help building a new website for me, and continuing to help me with my book, my online presence and programs. I often try to do things myself, but trusting her to help me with these things was truly the best decision I ever made.


Her creativity, support, and professionalism are absolutely excellent. She is amazingly talented, and cares so much for her clients. She is the best of the best, I highly recommend her!

Ariana S.

Logo Design

Catherine designed the best logo I could have ever imagined and I get tons of compliments on my website.  She’s easy to work with and helped tackle aspects of it that had me super frustrated!

Debbie B.

Product Launch Management, Website & Podcast Development

I can't say enough about how much Catherine Respess  both inspires and supports my work in the world. She is incredibly gifted with design, selecting imagery, and crafting how to say things "just right" so the words flow and resonate beautifully with the message being expressed.


She designed and manages my website and also edits my podcast. I don't know how I'd manage without her. Thank you so much Catherine for loving what you do and being who you are in this world! 

Gloria L.

Online Program Creation & Management

After 10 years of friendship and professional collaborations, Catherine Respess of Red Mare Enterprises has become one of my most trusted confidantes. She motivates me to grow and keeps me inspired! 


When I first taught her at a clinic, we clicked immediately. We began working together by hosting education events at my facility and then she took over management of my website. 


The pandemic inspired me to bring to life my vision of a modern day dressage training academy promoting classical principles and Catherine gave me the confidence that we could do it online. 


I love how collaborative the approach is at Red Mare. Anything we can dream of can be brought to life and if it isn’t a good fit, we have the flexibility to evaluate and make changes. I’m very proud that within 8 months of our first enrollment, we tripled the financial goal that I had set. More importantly, we are creating a new generation of classical riders all over the world who are finding incredible successes with the training, support, and inspiration that I’m able to provide. I’m living my life’s calling thanks to the team at Red Mare. 


Also, I get to remain focused on my goals as a rider, because the team handles so much of the business management. Red Mare takes care of everything from social media, newsletters, content editing, my podcast, marketing strategies, digital advertising, all while looking out for my bottom line!


I highly recommend Red Mare if you have a vision that you want to bring to life and you are looking for a team to guide you every step of the way.

Jessica Jo Tate

Virtual Conference Development &Management

On behalf of the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths, I've been wanting to thank you and your team for the amazing job Red Mare Enterprises did on our 2021 Virtual Conference.

Wow. We really were all just over-the-top pleased!  

Jennifer F.

Words of Wisdom, Website Development, Testimonial Assistance

"Thank you so much, Catherine! Talking with you this morning gave me the most wonderful boost out of my "I don't know what to do!" doldrums. It is pretty dang exciting and I am so grateful to have found you and reached out.

Creating the Words of Wisdom for my herbal products was amazingly inspiring and now I have such a solid foundation. The 1-page website you designed is a great start and I love the bio that you wrote too. Omgosh - those testimonials you have captured and written for my customers make my eyes wanna leak - lol! The testimonials are so heartfelt and amazing. 

All best regards, and SOOOOOO many thanks!"

Donna W.

Logo Design, Website Development, Marketing Asset Creation

"Catherine Respess did an outstanding Job on my Logo, New Website, Flyer and about everything I need to promote my new Business!


Catherine absolutely exceeded my high expectations and was super easy to work with! I love my Website and Flyer and can just give her a 5*! 


Thank you so much Catherine... I will be back for more :))"

Karin M.

Logo Design, Website Development, Marketing Asset Creation

"Catherine of Red Mare did a fantastic job designing the new website for the New Forest Pony Society of North America ( She was always so responsive to our questions and requests for changes and additions, while at the same time offering meaningful suggestions.


She was able to take our general idea of what we wanted and collaboratively made it into something amazing! Catherine’s modern eye for design and her love of horses came through in the quality of photograph selection and placement.


I highly recommend the services provided by Red Mare and hope to have a need to work with Catherine again in the future."

Christina W.

Website Development

"Catherine came up with a terrific design for my author website, exactly what I had imagined but never would have been able to do for myself. She patiently taught me how to do my own changes and updates on the site, but is also available to do so for me--at an amazingly reasonable rate--whenever I need her. I highly recommend her!

(You can check out the beautiful website she designed here: )

Leslie K.

Website Development, Testimonial Assistance

"Catherine made my business website and did a great job. Especially my student testimonials. She helped them create a clear opinion of my teaching and training.  It was very cool when a new student read them AFTER her first lesson with me and came to me and said, 'I  completely agree with all your testimonials on your website!' Thank you Catherine!"

Camilla F.

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