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Multiply Your Profitability, Market With Confidence &
Deliver Referral-Worthy Results For Horse & Rider 


Learn how to create a beautiful, highly effective visual map of
your training or treatment approach in 9 simple steps!

*Multiply Your Profitability,
*Market With Confidence &
*Deliver Referral-Worthy Results For Horse & Rider

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For a roadmap of 'roadmaps' & free training on how to create one, click below

We understand that one of the biggest challenges for many horse pros is creating a clear, outcome-oriented approach to their training or service delivery. Without a signature ‘roadmap’, it's easy to feel like you're trying to solve every horse owner's problem, which can make your marketing message diluted and vague.

With this training,  you'll be able to get more and maintain clients with ease, using a unique approach that eliminates confusion, hesitation, and difficulty in explaining your services.

Meet RED MARE Founder
& One of Your Coaches

However, over time, I realized that I was wrong. I noticed that I was struggling with vague and confusing marketing strategies, unfocused training, difficulty retaining clients, and wasting a lot of time. 

That's when I started exploring the idea of using roadmaps and I found out that using a system actually allowed me to be more efficient and effective in my training.

It gave me a clear path to follow, which allowed me to be more focused and streamlined in my approach.

Now, I use roadmaps all the time (hint, hint ;-)), and I'm amazed at how much clients appreciate it. 

Looking back, I wish I had made this mental switch earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. But, I'm grateful for the lesson I learned, and I'm excited to continue using roadmaps to help my clients achieve their business goals.

"When I first started training horses, I believed that my methods couldn't be put into a box.
I thought that each horse and rider was unique, and my approach needed to be adapted to each individual case.

I was afraid of using a rigid program that would not allow me to be flexible and adapt to each horse and rider's needs.
I believed that my clients came to me for my intuitive sense of a solution for them.


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