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Design Consulting

My design aesthetic, education and experience are put to use to accomplish your goals.
I can handle any project that requires thoughtful consideration, organization, and management.

Look & Language

Logo Design & Branding
 The design process can be a lot of fun! Your vision and inspiration are all I need to create a custom design that you will love.
I offer either a flat fee or retainer pricing depending on the project. Let me know what works best for you.
Website Design
I'm as involved as you need me to be. I'll research, write, design, and orchestrate the publishing of your business website. 
From organization to modernization - I'll create an intuitive user experience. Or, if you prefer, 
I'll let you take the reins and I'll guide you through the process.
Writing & Editing
Need help making sense of bullet points, napkin scribbles, and self-conscious content?  Let me help you edit and polish each and every word so that you attract and cater to important website visitors.

Website Pricing & Packages

Three tiers of pricing give you an idea of what typical projects may cost. Just let me know what you have in mind and I'm happy to customize flat fees for certain projects.
Modernization - $525


Perhaps your website needs just a bit of organizing or the text and images require evaluation.  Retainer fee provides 5 hours of website design service with Catherine Respess.

  • Need an online presence pronto?  Start with 1-3 pages and website maintenance training.

  • Schedule a consultation to find out which package is right for you.

The Works - $1,260


Looking for a completely new website or help writing content, designing a logo, creating a brand for your business?  This package provides 12 hours to design and publish a website.

Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and get help with email campaigns, developing testimonials and more!

  • All services include training with content management systems.

Ready for Change - $840


Perhaps your site needs a makeover or you've already developed the content for a new website.  In 8 hours, Catherine can rewrite cumbersome content and edit images for a more polished look.

  • Call Catherine to learn about all costs associated with owning a website.

  • Include mobile-friendly responsive design.


Referral Incentive -
$105 Value!


As a thank you, any client that sends a referral resulting in a new website, receives 1 hour of free design work

Ask Catherine about 5-minute freebies!

Publishing, Advertising & Marketing


Need help determining your options? I can assess your market, consider your budget, and create a  plan to market your business, layout your publication, and help you self-publish your work.
Photography & Image Editing

Visual projects require images that tell a story. Quality images convey a message of professionalism and build trust with your market. Your message needs to be clearly articulated with a balance of images and text.


Many images can be improved with a little photoshop!

Consulting Services For You


Attuned to what creates a comfortable experience and environment, I'll help you organize, coordinate, and run your clinic, conference, or party.


Correspondence and Scheduling

Email is important, but somehow the task of correspondence always gets pushed to the next day and all of the sudden weeks have passed! I understand what you day to day is like and I can help! Allow me to provide a professional voice and swift response for your clientele and you get back to focusing on what you do best.



I have served as a director for video production, provided voice over services, and interior design. I also offer virtual assistant services for high profile trainers, clinicians, and equestrian professionals.


Testimonials are important experiential content for websites, and often a point of procrastination for business owners.  I can relieve you of this task and provide your clients with an easy and quick experience. 


With a list of confirmed testimonial grantors, I will gather their experiences, draft testimonials using their words, and then confirm the written testimonial with the grantor.  

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