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Hi my friend!
You clearly have the determination for our challenging horse industry and you might have even tackled creating online courses.


Wow! You have tenacity and grit! 

That said, you’ve taken this quiz! Something is missing…

Have you reached your limit of time, energy or resources?

Do your online courses sit there, look pretty but don’t bring in the money that you see others raking in?


Is selling said courses (off/online) MUCH harder than you expected it to be?

Welcome to the world of MANY of our clients.


I can’t tell you how often we hear your concerns. 

This breaks our hearts because it doesn’t have to be this way. 

A big part of the issue is that online course platforms like Kajabi, Samcart, Kartra, Teachable, all tell you that following these ‘7 steps’ (whatever they are) will bring you the time, money and freedom you were hoping for.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it is NOT so.

And that really, it’s not your fault that you thought so.

To be honest, we did too. 

We actually launched an online product ourselves, only to find out the truth of what it takes to make money online. Of course, we ended up figuring out that there is a system to all this madness, but it’s no overnight success, that’s for sure.

*Social media marketing done right…not so easy.
*Selling a high-end course…dang hard.
*Writing copy that sells, for your website and your various services…REALLY hard.
*Creating an email list…yup, SUPER hard!

So, what is the secret to making all this a LOT easier?

1. Repurpose your free content


What we see is that a lot of people work WAY too hard on their social media posts. They create new content all the time, waste a lot of time writing, filming and taking pictures.

The solution: Create one single piece of content per week via video. Then strip the audio and make it into a podcast, have it transcribed and make it into a post…You see where this is going?

2. Build an effective evergreen sales funnel for your courses


One of the biggest reasons why online courses don’t sell is because you haven’t created/utilized a sales funnel!

What is a sales funnel?

It’s a way to logically guide a “lead” from moderately interested in purchasing your product to the actual purchase. That can take on a lot of different forms, but it’s always about removing any objection a potential client might have about your product.


3. Make sure you pick an online course model that fits you


We do see this a lot.

Think of all the different horse/rider combos that you work with. Each is unique and when the relationship works it’s beautiful to watch. The same goes for your income model. 

If you find the right products and services to offer in a way that aligns with your energy, personality and passion, then it just flows. 

Figuring this out and being strategic around building an off/online business around YOU, is the key to lasting success and a satisfying experience.

But…let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Catherine Respess, the founder of Red Mare Enterprises. We make growing a profitable equine business (especially when they include online courses) a heck-of-a-lot easier. 

At Red Mare Enterprises, we know you want to expand your overwhelmingly busy equine service business into leveraging your time and expertise with online training!

To do that, you need to master the whole process from getting people excited about your offers to successfully selling the ‘right’ irresistible products in the right way.


The problem is that most horse professionals don’t know how to market and sell.

We believe that it is completely possible to create a highly profitable, impactful and fun-to-work-in equine business with the right strategies and support.


And our job is to do what stops you in your boots, so you can stop procrastinating and hiding out in the barn and instead turn your equine service business into a freedom-based horse enterprise you can be proud of.


Not sure where to start? 

Book a 30-minute consultation with yours truly! 

Think we might make a perfect team? Book an appointment with me and I’ll be happy to help you decide if we’re the right folks to help you expand your online course success in the right way!

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