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Let's get REAL.

I'm talking about being vulnerable with yourself in order to verbalize what you hold on to... that is holding you back.

I'm talking about giving DENSITY to the ghosts and illusions that haunt you.

You know those whispers that tell you to be on guard, overthink everything, worry about what what other people think, second guess every decision you make, and freeze up over ideas of perfection.

We all have them in some form... projections from the past... not actual reality.

Today on the call one student felt that she HAD to know what platform or format she should use to host paid content before she could begin creating. That unknown (and intimidating factor) stopped her from creating anything.

ILLUSION: "I can't flesh out what I'll teach until I have the platform and delivery all figured out."

REAL: The delivery is irrelevant in the early stages, especially if it stalls your progress. Write down your frameworks, curriculum, and procedures that create transformations for the people you wish to serve. Based on what you have, you can then decide on a delivery method.

Another student is working out her business blueprint and messaging, but she kept stopping herself from talking about what she's creating... the words weren't coming out exactly as she hoped it would.

ILLUSION: "How my business is evolving isn't clear so I'll stop sharing until I figure this out."

REAL: Talking about your evolution can actually contribute to it! The more you put into words what is forming, the more feedback you receive, and the more opportunities you have to clarify your ideas. (That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” – Flannery O’Connor)

Yet another student felt she "should keep up with everyone else" by creating an online course or group cohort but she prefers 1-on-1.

ILLUSION: "What everyone else is doing is right and my instincts are wrong."

REAL: If 1-on-1 coaching absolutely lights you up and sets you free that is fantastic to know! Trust that knowledge.

✊May your desires be greater than your obstacles,

​Catherine Respess​

Visionary & Founder of Red Mare​

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