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Even if you are wrong, you are right.

Updated: Aug 9

Let’s talk about how we are raised being praised for being right and punished for being wrong.

And hey, don’t get me wrong. I understand why these conditions exist!

I am a lifelong learner. I love hearing feedback that I’m doing a good job and I appreciate what I learn by being wrong. I love learning ways that I can improve.

Buuuut, if fear of being wrong prevents you from putting yourself out there…

…we gotta problem.

If you want to grow your business that means meeting people:

  1. you don’t already know

  2. might want to work with you

You gotta make connections to expand your network. Also known as networking.

There are lots of ways to network. You can go to clinics or shows. You can host an event for your local community. Or you can just open an app on your phone and talk to people on social media as if they are real people with real problems (spoiler alert, they are real).

Does that open you up to being rejected or hearing objections?

Yes, yes it does.

Is that the worst that can happen?

No, no it is not.

It’s safe to make mistakes. It’s ok to figure out what conversational tactics work to help you spread the word about what you have to offer.

You have to figure out what doesn’t work in order to KNOW what does work.

You have a 50/50 of getting it right or getting it wrong. So as you prepare, give those chances equal footing.

So here are 2 things that I recommend you do:

1. Write down all the ways things could go right when you start making connections. Here are some to get you started. You could:

  • Make a new friend

  • Help someone overcome a challenge with their horse

  • Gain a referral

  • Book a discovery call with a prospective client

  • Get a request to do a workshop or clinic

  • Sell access to your online curriculum

  • Add someone to your mailing list

  • Learn another way that you can make a difference

2. Write down all the ways things could go wrong. Play out the worst case scenarios. Someone could respond to your posts or comments by saying:

  • “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

  • “This isn’t helpful. I tried it.”

  • “This is a waste of my time.”

On a Mastery in the Making call we addressed these objections that could happen when networking in a facebook group.

The student who brought up the topic has a course on trailer loading. Let’s break down how to respond to these objections with her course in mind.

  • “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

At first glance, you might feel very threatened by this objection. This is often when imposter syndrome rears its ugly head.

When I asked my student, point blank, if she knew what she was talking about when it came to trailer loading, she didn’t hesitate at all. She is confident in her abilities, it’s why she wrote a course on it!

When we faced the objection… when we said it out loud and gave it density… the words held no power over her.

It felt the same as if the commenter had said, “ your green hair is ugly.” It just wasn't true. She doesn’t have green hair! So who cares what that person has to say!?

My student astutely noted, “they probably aren’t my ideal client.” BOOM!!!!! What a huge breakthrough!

YES! Not everyone is your ideal client. This is GOOD news!

INSIGHT: When you get clarity about who is and who isn’t your ideal client, it becomes soooo much easier to talk directly to, and by noticed by, ideal clients.


  • “This isn’t helpful. I tried it.”

This objection is a fantastic opportunity to show how well you know your stuff.

INSIGHT: You GET TO engage in a conversation within the thread that anyone can see and learn from.

I’ve converted doubters to clients so many times in exchanges like this and it’s powerful! Let them know that you want to help and then show them what you are capable of doing!


  • “This is a waste of my time.”

It was fun to practice addressing this with my student on the call today.

She talked for about 45 seconds before saying, “waiting for your horse to get on the trailer is a waste of time. Having the connection and tools to quickly and safely load your horse by yourself is not a waste of time.”

And that’s really all she needed to say.

INSIGHT: She got to hear herself lay out a lot of fluff before getting right to the crux of the objection. She got to practice and get more succinct BECAUSE of the objection.

When she faced the objections she might encounter… all the ways she feared she would be made “wrong,” she also got to learn how she could be right.

She got clear that she trusts her abilities. She trusts herself to have something to say in response to ANY comment.

And she knows all she has to do is come to our weekly Mastery in the Making call if she needs help. I’m here for those instances where she doesn’t know how to respond :)


So here’s a mantra for you to take with you today:


Those moments where you feel wrong are just opportunities to learn and find your way back to being right again. This is a journey towards Mastery that is safe to experience. We are all on this path. We are all in the Making.

✊May your desires be greater than your obstacles,

​Catherine Respess​

Visionary & Founder of Red Mare​

P.S. If you've encountered an objection that you are struggling to overcome, let me know!

I'm here to help.

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