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You were once WILD, don't let them TAME you

I’m noticing a pattern.

Horse pros come to Red Mare seeking guidance on structuring and growing their business in a NEW way that doesn’t lead to burnout or bankruptcy... and offering this support is SO gratifying for me!

Just today, I coached a student on her unique business blueprint (HOW she makes magic happen with horses) AND how she can roll out that program to her students in a semester subscription format so that:

  • Students have access to her knowledge even when they can’t ride

  • Her aging lesson horses get plenty of down time

  • She gets to spend LOTS of quality time with her family

  • AND she has a steady flow of cash

HOWEVER, there are cases when students struggle to find alignment and integrate all the insight we offer here at Red Mare.

These students just can’t seem to find:

  • Time to work ON their business

  • Energy to make tiny shifts that yield BIG results

  • Motivation to show up for themselves in a powerful way

I recognize this pattern because I was once stuck in it.

From 2014 and 2018, I was running a business that I was no longer aligned with and it was killing me.

I was in so much physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that I kept burning out over and over. I couldn't stay lit up about what I was doing, no matter what I tried.

I worked hard everyday, my clients were happy, but I couldn’t shake the discomfort, the nagging knowing that something needed to change.

In my 25 years as a horse trainer, I saw it happen in horses too. With horses who had been tamed, in a not so gentle way, their spark needed tending to before we could begin training.

Their energy was contracted and shut down in a way that forward progress seemed impossible.

Key word here is SEEMED.

With the horses, myself, and coaching clients, I am able to activate healing and rekindle the flame. And now, I offering that to you in a program called…


We are blasting off for our next 10-week exploration starting Tuesday, July 18th with a weekly call, a private podcast, and voxer support.

By touching on themes related to body wisdom, intuition, presence, pleasure, and wildness, you will be provided with what is needed.

We set you free from distorted templates, outdated patterns of thinking, unhelpful comparisons, and distractions that hold you back. All that is fake and false will be revealed.

We will unveil what warms your soul spark and makes you feel ALIVE. We will access a resource of energy that is your birthright.

That’s what any mothership does… it supplies what is needed. It’s where you can go to be restored, regenerated, revitalized and real.

Then in turn, you will be able to share your WILD fire of creative energy. You will be able to operate and grow your business from a state of joy without force or drama.

So if your spark needs fuel, fresh air, and kindred spirits… hop on a call with me to see if THE MOTHERSHIP is a good fit for you.

You may feel TAME now, but your WILD is waiting for you. I'm here to hold the torch and show you the way.

​Catherine Respess​

Visionary & Founder of Red Mare​

P.S. Interested in The Mothership? Let me tell you more on a free consult >

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