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Your business craves life-giving CREATIVE energy

Your business need systems and organization… AND your business also needs SOUL.

Encouraging you to have a well-run business WITH SOUL might not be what you are hearing from other business consultants in this industry (or any industry!).

And that’s the kinda thing I’m talking about when I encourage you to explore your creative side

…I’m talking about being different from the status quo.

If you are scratching your head, saying, “I want the success that I see other pros experiencing… I’d be happy with that status quo!” …stick with me a moment longer so I can show you the benefit of this creative perspective.

Have you ever thought about your business as a unique energy signature separate from you?

You may have heard me talk about personifying your business if it were a horse. I encourage you to give it a shot!

If your business was a horse,

  • What type of people would be drawn to your horse?

  • How would your horse behave in challenging situations?

  • What does your horse/ business ask of you?

I wasn’t familiar with this concept back in 2008 when I named my company Red Mare. But as I’ve gotten to know this business, she has revealed herself to be revolutionary, powerful, and honorable.

Red Mare DEMANDS that I operate in a state of trust. I allow myself to be elevated and carried by her. We have a connection. I trust where she is taking me.

Red Mare is my guide to personal growth through business. I create myself anew daily in devotion to my life’s purpose. And Red Mare grows with me.

By interacting with the energy of my business, I explore my gifts and I express myself as an intuitive leader. My business has so much soul and it contributes to my own sense of leading a meaningful life. I’m in love with it.

And this is important because so many of the pros I serve have lost track of what makes their work meaningful. So many pros are not in love with the life they’ve slipped into.

Have you gotten wrapped up in a daily grind or feel pushed to “industrialize” and “scale” your business to the point that it feels like someone else’s business... someone else's relationship?


So often I hear from new coaching clients, “I feel stuck.” What they are really saying is “what used to work (or what works for others) isn’t working for me and I don’t know how to move forward.”

Enter creativity.

Now, I’m a lifelong creative. Heck, my degree is in art and architecture and half my family are designers. I’m also an intuitive visionary… I see highest potentials and I envision the structures necessary to manifest desires.

I don’t expect you to understand the creative process in the way that I’ve lived it. But I do know you are familiar with the concept of FEEL. This is a language we share.

As you know, FEEL is an intuitive guidance system that we use with horses.

We learn to interact and communicate with horses using FEEL.

And guess what…

  • You can learn to cultivate a FEEL that will improve and grow your business.

  • You can learn to creatively interact with your business (just as you do with horses!) to learn what unique expression wants to come through.

  • You don’t need to copy what other people are doing. You can tap into a force or a current that I call What Wants YOU, and only you.

It’s a FEEL that is magnetic, seductive, and pleasurable.

Unexpected in the business realm, I know! But I’m full of surprises:)

You can intuitively use your body as a map to unveil the potential of your business as if it were an ecosystem teeming with creative life-giving energy, opportunity, and abundance.

You can operate in a creative state that allows you to fall in love with your life. I want that for you.

I want to show you the framework that I’ve created to access what is available and waiting for you.

It's called The Mothership.

By touching on themes related to body wisdom, intuition, presence, pleasure, wildness and expansion, you will be provided with tools to cultivate life-giving creativity in your business.

✊May your desires be greater than your obstacles,

​Catherine Respess​

Visionary & Founder of Red Mare​

P.S. Interested in The Mothership? Let me tell you more on a free consult >

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